Caring for Your Chain Saw Sculpture

Bears and other critters are happy to live outdoors! They can withstand extremes of temperature- after all, the tree they came from lived outside!


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Mountain Dan - How it all began ....

There once was a man called Mountain Dan who lived in Etowah, North Carolina (That's near Hendersonville and Asheville, in the Western North Carolina Mountains) He had been a logger in the Northwest, and he was very skilled with a chain saw.

One day while sawing a big log, he thought he could see the shape of a bear in it. He decided to find that bear in the log! So Mountain Dan sawed away everything that didn't look like a bear. Before he knew it, he had created his first piece of chainsaw art.

Dan's first chainsaw bear was not too great. His head was TOO SMALL. "We called it the pinhead," said Dan's wife Bette. The second bear was better, but his head was TOO BIG. Then Mountain Dan made his third bear, and it was ...

Just right!

Dan then realized he had a gift from God in art that had been dormant all his life.

Soon Mountain Dan's chain saw sculptures began showing up in prominent homes, at entrance gates, and in gardens all over the southeast. He had become rather famous.

He now carves not only bears of all shapes, sizes, and personalities, but also people, eagles, dogs, even... pink flamingos!

We invite you to join the many proud owners and select a chain saw sculpture from our online gallery, or contact us about a custom project!

Mountain Dan can create custom wood art and rustic furniture for your every decorating idea!

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