Decor carved before your eyes!

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Chain Saw Art Carving is a labor of love. . .

Chainsaw carving is true Americana. Only the bold, brash, and brazen would attack a chunk of wood with a chainsaw and expect to create a work of art. Chainsaw carving. a radical new art medium is as American as apple pie and has created a revival in American folk art and woodcarving.

Chainsaw carving, our specialty, taken to an art form ... from handcrafted, authentic chainsaw carving of bears, dogs, totem poles and a myriad of other subjects, to unique signature piece furniture & sculpture. The chain saw is only used as the first tool used in this exciting carving process. Then we proceed to chisels, knives & various other power tools until the desired result is achieved. From whimsical to stylized to realistic an ordinary piece of firewood is transformed into something that will evoke an emotion within you. Whether it is a smile, or awe at the power and majesty of many of God's creations.

Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smokies Mountains in Etowah, NC. Here in our beautiful mountains the nature & wildlife inspires our art.

On any given day we might be out in the high country, or near a local lake or stream, observing or sketching what might be the subject for our next carving. Hopefully Yours!

Browse through our on-line portfolio/catalog or contact us (828-891-5457) for custom wood sculptures, on-site carving and shows.

"Art Gallery shown by Appointment"
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